Glo-Ed in numbers:


Since our inception in February 2017, we have donated over $15,000 to charities and worthwhile causes around the world. We have planted 1000 trees in 2019 for each passenger carried since we started. We have supported 13 different causes, from the Earth Trust to and offset nearly 175 tonnes of CO2. 



As we enter our third year, we want to be a bit more targeted in our approach. We will always support worthwhile causes so long as it's financially viable for us as a business, however we really want to get behind a set of causes that we can clearly quantify going forward, for example number of children enrolled in school through donations from Glo-Ed, number of trees planted, number of litres of clean water we have provided etc etc.

SO...we would be most grateful if you could take a few moments of your time to answer the below questionnaire on which causes you feel are most important to you as a stakeholder in Glo-Ed.

Please tick which of the following options you would prefer to see Glo-Ed support go to
Although there are so many worthwhile causes out there, we decided upon these based on them being a.) roughly aligned with what we do as a business, and b.) are causes that perhaps do not get as much exposure as other causes in first world countries. Please tick the ones you are most passionate about.
Or any comments you may wish to make
We don't pass on data and we message on average once a quarter