Wait, What? You built your own website?!

Hi Guys, 

Welcome to our version 2 website, new & improved based on your feedback!

Over the summer I personally have taught myself a new skill in making websites, as I wanted to keep the costs as low as possible and pass those savings back to you guys and your students. The site may have a few teething issues, but please do let us know and bear with us! It's been many long hours creating, checking everything and re-linking everything but I THINK we are finally there.

I also wanted to say thanks to all those who have supported us in our first year - it's been a whirlwind and an amazing adventure, with a few lows, but plenty of highs!

So thank you.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy browsing our new and improved site, there's a lot more automation than before, so check it out and let us know what you think!

All the best for the new term,




Christian WalkerComment