Kyrgyzstan Silk Road


  • A chance to take in some truly spectacular scenery in a lesser-travelled part of the world

  • See some of the important sites of the old Silk Road trading route

  • Stay in a yurt!

  • Meet nomadic tribes of central Asia


  • History

  • Global Citizenship

  • Geography

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Photography


This trip covers the length and breadth of Kyrgyzstan, and offers you a great opportunity to meet the locals of different ethnicities, and get to know their traditions and cultures.
A lot of incredible discoveries await you: horse riding on the shore of Son Kul Lake, hiking in the biggest walnut forest in the world and yurts to name a few!


Day 1: Airport – Bishek
Arrival to Manas Airport in Bishkek where our team will pick up you and drive you to hotel situated in the capital.
After breakfast in hotel, we start our city tour in Bishkek. We will visit the heart of the city, Ala-Too Square where the State Historical Museum is located. After the tour in the museum, we can enjoy a walk in the Oak Park, one of the favorite places of local people. Bishkek is known as the greenest city in Central Asia thanks to its countless parks and alleys making the city a great place to live.
After lunch, we will have time to visit the local market Osh bazar. Here you can appreciate the creativity and talent of local artisans. Just as you step the market, you plunge into the real oriental atmosphere: an interminable stream of people, a big variety of goods and colors.
In the evening, we go to one of the best restaurants in Bishkek where you can taste delicious Kyrgyz national dishes.

Day 2: Bishek – Toktogul
At the beginning of our journey, we will have to overcome two mountain passes Too Ashuu and Alabel. We cross the wonderful Suusamyr valley, a paradise for nomads and their cattle.  Despite the summer’s period, we guarantee that we get into a real winter here. Our way goes to Toktogul town, where we find the largest reservoir of Kyrgyzstan.

Day 3: Toktogul – Sary Chelek
Departure early in the morning and our goal is to get the unique Biosphere Reserve of Sary Chelek.
A significant part of the area is occupied by walnut, apple and pear wood.
Sary Chelek Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes situated at 1800 meters above the sea level. It was created because of a strong earthquake. The valley has also another six small lakes and wide river network. The physical location of the Sary-Chelek reserve caused its mild climate: warm summers and winters with little snow.

Day 4: Sary Chelek – Arslanbob
After breakfast, we will have a walk in the reserve respiring the fresh air and relax in the shore of the lake. After we will continue our trip towards Arslanbob, the unique walnut-fruit forest in the world.
On the road, we will stop to have a lunch. During the transfer, you can appreciate the breathtaking landscapes and take pictures.

Day 5: Arslanbob
Today you will explore the majestic walnut forests of Arslanbob! We take a walk to the first small waterfall of 25 meters. After, we go up to the panoramic point with a beautiful view where we can see the entire valley. Later we continue our walk towards the second waterfall. Our way passes through the walnut forests, where there will be an optional horse riding lesson or 4×4 tour.

Day 6: Arslanbob – Uzgen – Jalal Abad – Kazarman
After breakfast, we go to Uzgen town, one of the capitals of the Karakhanid State in the 11th and 12th centuries. We visit its famous minaret that is considered to be one of the best preserved monuments of that period in Kyrgyzstan.
In the evening, we arrive in Kazarman. You will be positively surprised by the hospitality of the local population. It is generally known that the people in the south part of the country are very welcoming and friendly.

Day 7: Kazarman – Son Kul
The goal of the day is to reach Son Kul Lake, located at an altitude of 3,000 m. Therefore, we will pass through the beautiful places we can see yaks and other animals.
When we arrive in the yurts camp, you get to know the hospitality of the nomads, their lifestyle and their customs. Overnight in yurts.

Day 8: Son Kul – Tash Rabat
The goal of the day is to reach the caravanserai Tash Rabat, by a mountain pass called Moldo Ashuu.
Tash Rabat is a historical monument founded by monks in the 10th century. During the Silk Road history, Tash Rabat has lost its religious significance and the main function of the monastery was providing a stay for caravans and travelers. Overnight in yurts.

Day 9: Tash Rabat – Kochkor
We continue our journey towards Kochkor village. In Kochkor, the Kyrgyz women show you the producing of the felt, which is used in making the different handicrafts.
We will listen to the national music and folk instruments.

Day 10: Kochkor – Bokonbaevo – Skazka – Tamga
In the morning, we go towards the biggest lake of the country Issyk Kul, the pearl of Kyrgyzstan. We go by the south shore of the lake. On the road, in Bokonbaevo we  will meet a eagle hunter with his bird of prey for a demonstration. Later, we visit Skazka canyons, which means Fairytale. Here you can find objects of surprising shapes and sizes. A real skyscraper or an animal may appear in front of you. In the evening, when we get Tamga you will try a real Russian bath “banya”.

Day 11.  Tamga – Barskoon – Tamga
After breakfast, we visit the Barskoon Gorge with it’s impressive scenery, which used to be where the mountain highway reached 4,000 m. At the end of the road, you can see the waterfall called the ‘Tears of the Snow Leopard’. At the foot of the mountain, you can also enjoy the beautiful Barskoon River. During the summertime, people build yurts here, so you can try the Kyrgyz traditional drink, Kumis, and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. In the evening, you will return to Tamga village.

Day 12.  Tamga – Jety Oguz – Karakol
After breakfast, we go towards Jety Oguz valley. Its name means “Seven bulls”. The name is symbolic, because there are seven huge red-brown rocks resembling ranked furious bulls standing together. We will see the romantic looking rock “Broken Heart” located at the entrance to the gorge.
When we get Karakol, we will visit its famous sights as Russian Orthodox cathedral and Dungan mosque.  At restaurant, you can taste the typical dish of this region ¨ ashlan fu¨, Dungan traditional cuisine.

Day 13. Karakol – Grigoriev and Semienov gorge – Cholpon-Ata
After breakfast, we go towards Grigoriev and Semienov gorges. They are located on the northern shore of Issyk-Kul Lake, 60 kilometers from Cholpon-Ata. These places are considered as the most famous attractions of the Issyk Kul region. We drive to the the first lake at Grigoriev Gorge and we will have a picnic on the shore (if the weather is nice).
In Cholpon Ata, we can visit the cultural and spiritual center Ruh Ordo.

Day 14. Cholpon-Ata – Burana – Bishkek
The road to Bishkek passes through the Boom gorge. On the road, we visit Burana Tower located about 80 km from the capital. The tower with funerary monuments, earthworks, remains of the castle and three mausoleums – that’s all thats left out of the ancient Balasagyn town that was founded by Karakhanids at the end of the ninth century. After lunch, we will have time to visit the local market and buy some presents.  In the evening, we will have the farewell dinner at traditional Kyrgyz restaurant.

Day 15. Bishkek – Departure
Transfer to airport.


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