Primary Schools

Glo-Ed was started to demonstrate that social responsibility is not just a concern for big businesses. Small & medium sized businesses also have a role to play, that’s why social responsibility is at the heart of what we do at Glo-Ed.

In the same vein, social responsibility is not just an issue for adults or teens to be thinking about. Primary & prep schools are broadening the curriculum to cover sustainability and environmental awareness too, and that’s great. But it’s about time that the residential trips offered to their students represent this change.

Primary aged students starting to come through now are the children of the Gap Year generation, and therefore along with adding real value to the residential trip, social responsibility, environmental awareness & sustainability are important factors for many parents when selecting the right school for their children.

Glo-Ed is offering fantastic value all-inclusive Global Citizenship programmes in the Isle of Man for primary & prep schools that cost less than a typical week at a well known activity camp or 4 nights at a Bushcraft / Field Studies centre when the cost of transport is included. A nice summary of the Isle of Man by Ben Fogle can be found here:

For those who are a bit more adventurous, we are also offering specially adapted transformative experiences for year 6, 7 & 8 students in South Africa that combine conservation on the game reserve, with community elements and marine options.

So take a look below, and get in touch for more info!