This form is very important as it is used to gather all the information we need for transport, accommodation, medical issues, and consent. Please ensure the entire form is filled in before submitting.

If any information changes before the departure date, you should contact the leading teacher directly. If you (the parent/guardian) are away on holiday during the week of the trip, please ensure that the trip leader has up to date contact details so that they are able to get in touch with you if necessary.

Many thanks!

‘Brexit - travel update - The UK government recommends that travellers going to the EU after 29 March 2019 have six months left on their passport, and is also advising that any extra months which have been added to a 10 year passport will not be valid.’

Please no middle names, and if doubled barrelled please include the hyphen. Incorrect names will incur extra charges.
Date of birth of student *
Date of birth of student
city and country
Student passport date of issue *
Student passport date of issue
Student passport expiry date *
Student passport expiry date
city and country needed for list of travellers
European medical card
Expiry date of EHIC card
Expiry date of EHIC card
(these are preferences but cannot be guaranteed)
Can your student swim more than 25m unaided? *
Based on the information given to you from Glo-Ed and/or the school
ie does your child require any special arrangements to be made that must be catered for? medical AND dietary should go here. Please be exhaustive.
Please tick to confirm you have checked all details are correct and that you give your consent for your child to attend this trip *