Privacy Policy

Glo-Ed Privacy Policy Key Facts


As of 1st Jan 2020 we have decided to simplify our privacy policy into key facts that are easy to understand and uncomplicated. You’ll find them below:

Key Facts on how we process your personal data:

Glo-Ed is a small, socially responsible school travel business. We collect data while booking tours for schools, so we wanted to create a user-friendly one-page document in order to clarify how we use your data. We have created this document to simplify how we use your data in the sea of GDPR information that is out there.

If you or your child are going on a trip organised by Glo-Ed:

We collect data from parents, teachers, and sometimes students that relates to the group trip that is being booked. We will usually request this data online through a Google form. The personal data required for a trip will typically include the following: names, dates of birth, emergency contact info, nationalities, passport details, ages, dietary requirements, and medical information relevant to the trip.

We hold this information solely for the purposes of booking the services involved with each programme – flights, accommodations, excursions etc. The information is stored on google cloud servers (which we consider the most secure), and is shared with relevant third parties relating to the trip – i.e. airlines, accommodation providers etc. We have contracts in place with most third parties that they must respect your data, and adhere to the same terms that we put in place for ourselves, as below. For larger organisations such as airlines we will get copies of their privacy policies. In normal circumstances, we delete personal data within 30 days of a tour returning to its country of origin. Exceptions to this are where an incident may have arisen, and we will notify the trip organiser if this is the case. In these instances, relevant details will be kept until the case is closed. We do not use personal data relating to trips for any other purposes, and we instruct the same to all our third party partners worldwide.

A note to the trip leader (booking on behalf of the school/group):

We cannot be held responsible for sensitive data you send to us in the body of an email or any other insecure method. It is your responsibility to check with your school or organisation’s privacy policy to ensure that you are compliant.

If you are enquiring about booking a trip with Glo-Ed:

When you complete a quote request form on our website, you agree to be contacted by Glo-Ed in response to your enquiry. This information usually includes your name, school, email address and sometimes phone number. Glo-Ed will use this data to respond to your enquiry and follow up with you until you expressly tell us that you are no longer interested in being contacted by us. We do not send mailshots, emails come from a real person in relation to your enquiry. We do not share any of your personal data with any third parties for marketing purposes.