Keeping things simple

Glo-Ed organises tailor-made school & group trips worldwide. From regular tried and tested itineraries to completely bespoke programmes,  and from entire tours to ad-hoc single services (ie just hotels or transport etc)- wherever you want to go and whatever you need - Glo-Ed can help.

On our site we have listed just a few of the many programmes we operate, however a large part of what we do is build custom itineraries tailored specifically for you!

At Glo-Ed, we believe that school & group travel doesn't need to be complicated. The best concepts in life are usually seemingly simple, even if underneath the surface the details are slightly more complex.

The concept: You want to take a group on an educational trip abroad. The details: Leave the rest to us!

Glo-Ed made our European tour so easy - everything was flawless from start to finish. They really listened to what we wanted, then executed with precision. I recommend them 100%.
— Irma, Global Programmes Co-ordinator, Mexico

Keeping things safe


Glo-Ed has got you covered. 

Financially: ATOL & Travel Vault. All reputable tour operators operating in the UK should have an ATOL licence if offering flight packages, and a form of financial failure insurance (FFI) or a bond for any packages of two or more services excluding flights. It's the law.

Liability: £5m public & professional liability insurance. All reputable tour operators should have these too - again its a legal requirement in the UK.

Best practices: ABTA membership number Y6454. This is optional but we have chosen to join in order to take advantage of ABTA's representation in government and in order to ensure we are always exceeding industry standards. We are also Assured Members of the School Travel Forum for the same reasons, and our processes and procedures are externally audited annually.

Personal information: In the sea of admin that comes with arranging trips, much information can pass hands and the chance for details being misplaced can be high. Most of our admin is automated and securely stored on google servers. It also means less admin for you (yay!).

Belt & Braces: Location sharing technology used on most tours (including a smart phone app), emergency updates from ABTA as & when incidents happen, Travel Insurance included as standard on all our programmes as principal, Travel Disruption insurance meaning in the event of an emergency we get you home safely first and ask questions later, extra-comprehensive contracts with all overseas suppliers where the risks are deemed to be sufficiently high by us, staff trained in auditing to assess risks, safety management system and major serious incident procedures....the list goes on. 

I am enormously grateful to you for the experience, time, and attention your gave our daughter in Europe this summer. We will look forward to hearing more details about next years trip!
— Mrs Casillas, parent

Keeping things FUN


More videos on our testimonials page!


100% of students surveyed last summer would recommend us!

Thank you! have given the children a chance to see another side of life even if it’s a glimpse and that is an extraordinary thing. There is so much out there in life and you need to see it to truly live. So thank you once again for making this possible
— Mrs Kielinger, Parent

Keeping things fresh

We're the new kids on the block. We have everything to prove. That's why we're constantly updating, refreshing, reviewing, and gathering feedback to ensure we continue to offer the programmes you want. From the adoption of new technologies with our technology partner to keep you safe abroad and our business lean, to the ease of use of the website, to our agility when it comes to putting things in place for new destinations as they come online.

We love feedback, so if you've got something to say, then please do let us know via the contact form! 

Keeping things ethical

Ok so here are the facts:

  • We are not a charity. We are a for profit business that likes to cut our cloth accordingly, and give back with surplus. So not a million miles away! This way we can support multiple causes that we choose TOGETHER.

  • We are a proud member of 1% for the Planet. We take responsibility for the health of our planet by donating 1% of annual sales to environmental nonprofits creating positive change. Learn more at

  • We are a carbon neutral business. Many of our tours are too - although all can tailored to be carbon neutral.

  • We have core values that we remind ourselves of every day. If we can buy ethical, recycled, fair trade, equal opportunities etc without rendering ourselves uncompetitive, then we will (in most cases it is possible!). We choose to market ourselves mainly online & by word of mouth - saving time, money, paper & staff room cup coasters (brochures) their jobs. We aim to be fair, straightforward and flexible always. We treat everyone we come across with the courtesy and respect they deserve. We are ambassadors of Glo-Ed. Judge us by our actions that are a reflection of the values we keep.

  • Many of our programmes give back to local communities. Genuinely. We don't showboat or add it in just because it looks good on a CV. If your chosen programme doesn't give back per se, then a.) don't worry as we are doing our bit so just by booking with us you are supporting worthwhile causes and b.) we still promote cultural experiences such as homestay immersion programmes, recommending traditional accommodations and local supplies, and ensuring students leave having had enough 'light bulb moments' no matter the trip or programme you choose.

  • We're humans. We sometimes make mistakes. But we believe that we can put things right. So if you're dissatisfied for whatever reason, then please give us a chance to right our wrongs.

  • We run regular inspection visits so you can make informed decisions about where you choose to go. We are not here to push you a product. We are here to advise you, consult you, help you, and the products will sell themselves. Don't believe us? Check out the calendar and join us on our next inspection visit!

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